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Over-Amstel Farm


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Over-Amstel Farm

Over-Amstel Farm is located on the Amstel River in the Duivendrecht polder, a historic region near Amsterdam with a rich history. The farm was built in 1894, but agricultural buildings existed on the site before then. Over-Amstel Farm has been lovingly restored. You are welcome to come and see and experience it for yourself.

With a love for nature and the history of the area, we have brought our farm on the Amstel back to life. We make our own cheese, grow vegetables and fruit in the garden, and develop more agricultural activities. It has also become a place where you can enjoy all the good things the area has to offer. We warmly welcome you to our garden, cheese factory, farm-to-fork restaurant, and boutique Bed & Breakfast.

We create the menus in our restaurant as much as possible based on what we harvest from our garden, homemade products, and local ingredients. Of course, we move with the seasons, so you will see, smell, and taste something different every time you visit Over-Amstel Farm.

Want to fully unwind? Then stay in one of the historic rooms of our boutique Bed & Breakfast.

Together with the local community, Over-Amstel Farm hopes to inspire with a focus on tradition, quality, and the polder. It is a valuable place, also for future generations. Will you come and experience it yourself on our farm?


What we Offer


From making our own cheese to growing vegetables in our garden: we are delighted to show you up close how we do this with passion on our farm. Discover what else you can experience with us.

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Overnight Stay

In the boutique Bed & Breakfast, the history is tangible, combined with modern luxury and comfort. All rooms are decorated with attention to detail. With views of the Amstel, waking up is a relaxing experience.

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Chef Herb creates the menus based on what is available in the garden and surrounding area at the time. Homemade products are part of the traditional dishes with his own unique twist.

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In the creamery of Over-Amstel Farm, cheesemaker Dewi produces various types of white cheese and hard cheese, all made with locally sourced milk. Feel free to come and see how this process unfolds.

More to Come


Waking up by the Amstel River

During a stay at Over-Amstel Farm, you'll enjoy views of the Amstel River and the rural Duivendrecht polder landscape. Each spacious room has its own unique character and is meticulously decorated with attention to detail.


Over-Amstel Farm

With reverence for nature, history, and gastronomy, we have restored our farm on the Amstel River to its former glory. Over-Amstel Farm is a working farm where you are also welcome to enjoy all the goodness of the surroundings.

Ideal for combining with a walk, bike ride, or a boat trip. We welcome you to explore our garden, creamery, and farm-to-fork restaurant. Looking to completely unwind? Stay overnight in one of the historical rooms of our boutique Bed & Breakfast. You're welcome to visit.